Hair Care


subimgOur team of experts conducts everything from smoothness test, hair fatigue test, color retention test, hair shine test, pollution test and styling test among many others. Our test methods have been validated by organizations to meet international benchmark in this domain.

• Smoothness Test – Instrumental Friction Evaluation – Tribology
• Hair Fatigue Test – Auto Combing for dry and wet swatches of hair
• Damage Control – Hair breakage test with reference to combing.
• Tensile Strength – Instrumental force evaluation of hair fibers
• Hair Shine – Hair shine and gloss with light reflectance and scattering measurement.
• Styling Hold – Curl retention, hold test (bend test)
• Color Retention – For hair color products with wash offsubimg
• Anti-Pollution Test – Effect of various pollutants on swatches of hair.

Efficacy/Claim Support

The efficacy of a product is evaluated and supported by using dermatological evaluation, photo-trichogram assessment, desquamation index and standard scoring system, among other methods.