Skin Care


subimgOur test protocols are aligned with the international guidelines, and even though the scale of these measurements might have been developed in accordance with the Caucasian skin type, they are supported by our clear understanding of the Indian skin type. This way we can easily cater to the needs and requirements of our clients in India, with regards to 24/48 hrs occlusive patch test, HRIPT, comedogenicity/ acnegenicity, open application tests and stinging test, among many others.

Efficacy/Claim Support

Whether it is for pigmentation, anti-aging, anti-tanning or spa therapy, the efficacy of a product is evaluated and supported by the dermatologist’s evaluation, specialized instrument evaluation, the subject’s feedback and imaging.

• Efficacy of Pigmentation Correction Products
• Efficacy of Anti Aging Products
• Efficacy of Acne Products
• Efficacy of Melasma Products
• Efficacy of Anti-Wrinkle Products
• Kinetic Studies

Colour Cosmetics

subimgWhether it’s the classic colour cosmetics such as lipstick or kajal or a contemporary cosmeceutical product such as tinted skin care product, mascara with lengthening efficacy etc, we provide safety, efficacy and claim support in this domain. Our imaging assessment technique in this segment is very focused and advanced.

• Colour Retention Studies
• Kajal Intensity Smudge and Retention
• Lipstick Intensity
• Nail Polish Gloss, Colour and Retention
• Mascara Evaluation (Length and Thickness of Eyelashes)